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Aljijakli, Kosseff & Prendergast, LLC is a full service immigration law firm with offices in New York City and Cleveland, Ohio. The attorneys at our firm specialize in all aspects of immigration law with an emphasis on family-based immigration, U.S. citizenship and naturalization, employment-based immigration, asylum, and complex deportation and removal cases.

Our attorneys are seasoned immigration litigators with more than 35 years combined experience. We have successfully represented hundreds of immigrants who have appreciated the availability and responsiveness of our attorneys and staff, our individualized approach for every case, and our close working relationship with our clients.

We are uniquely qualified to help you solve even the most complex of immigration problems, whether you are appearing before an immigration judge or seeking assistance with an employment- or family-based immigration application. At Aljijakli, Kosseff & Prendergast, LLC, you will receive the high level of personal attention that your case deserves while working closely with skilled, reliable, and trustworthy lawyers to resolve your immigration challenge.

Full Service Law Firm | Aljijaki, Kosseff & Prendergast, LLC


Not only a skillful highly experienced attorney, but Lauren is a truly amazing person with a warm heart and soul. She offered my family and I an extraordinary service, successfully handled our asylum case, and offered unlimited support throughout our journey to get a green card.